Established in 1985, DAIICHIKOSHO MUSIC PUBLISHING, INC.(DKMP), has been acting as one of the well-known music publishers here in Japan since then.
DKMP is a music publishing arm of DAIICHIKOSHO CO., LTD. (DK), which is the market leader for Karaoke in Japan and owns two record companies, NIPPON CROWN Co., Ltd., and TOKUMA JAPAN COMMUNICATIONS as well.
DKMP represents music across every genre, with nearly 15,000 domestic copyrights and also act as a sub-publisher for overseas music copyrights catalogue for DK's karaoke services, and providing co-writing opportunities for our songwriters with international exploitation at the same time.


  • Copyright Administration

    DKMP ensures that the writers receive full service through proper song registration, royalty collection from all over the world, and royalty accounting.
    DKMP represents nearly 15,000 domestic copyrights and controls international catalogues/overseas music copyrights as a sub-publisher.

  • Licensing

    DKMP’s licensing team is aggressively working on the catalogue to find out the best possible ways or creating best possible ways for the songwriters and clients to maximize revenues such as synch licenses for films, TV commercials, video games and any other possible media, including DKMP's or DK’s own in-house media.

  • Creative Services

    DKMP’s A&R team can provide songwriting opportunities and try to pitch suitable songs on local artists as well as song placements for any possible creative opportunities to maximize revenues including co-write sessions and supporting new songwriter developments. DKMP supports songwriters in developing their career, fully utilizing DK group's network. We find better place and home for your songs.

  • Promotion for your catalogue

    Our creative team also provides the better promotion services for our artists & writers and maximizing promotion opportunities using DK group’s owned media such as DK’s On-line Karaoke, DAM CHANNELL, Digital Signage Visions at the retail stores and BGM channels for retails stores, etc. We are helping career development of artists & writers.



Gotenyama Building, 6-5-27, Kitashinagawa,
Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 141-0001, Japan

President/CEO Ken Ohyama

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